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A large number of international companies are based in The Netherlands. They conduct business all over Europe, using English as a common language. In The Netherlands you can easily get by without speaking Dutch. The Dutch speak English at a reasonably good level and if you receive a letter in Dutch, there is always a native Dutch speaker willing to provide information on the content. This process is sufficient when it concerns, for example, a letter from the electricity board, an announcement of local activities or a letter from the local authorities informing you on road works in your area.

Translation, however, is more than changing individual words from one language to another. The most important part of the process is reflecting the meaning, the tone, the context of the text as well as possible. The turn of phrase of the target language should be taken into consideration. On top of that, a translator should keep the target group, culture, specific message and style of the text to be translated in mind.

A good translation is clear, consistent and should, above all, not feel like a translation but as an original text. It is easy to read and gives your target audience a professional impression.
In order to reach a new target audience abroad and to adapt your message to said audience, translation has become an essential factor in today’s global economy.

Confidentiality. The documents I receive for translation are often as yet unpublished or contain personal or confidential information. I handle your documents with professional care. I am highly committed to keeping your data secure. I am sworn in at the Court in Leeuwarden and thus obliged to obey the code of conduct for translators.


A well translated text is important to you,
A satisfied customer is important to me.


Els Hendriks