EngElsNed not only stands for quality and variation in assignments, but also for the individual behind the company, Els Hendriks. You may have noticed that it is also a formula: English texts translated by Els result in correct Dutch texts.I am an honest, enthusiastic Dutch woman with a British partner who ‘live and breathe’ English at home. I am independent and self-reliant and I prefer to work towards a tangible goal, whereby the deadline is considered to be a positive incentive. I am accurate and efficient and I pay attention to details. I am as good as my word and a good analyst.

I have over twenty years of experience in the IT sector at various companies in various industries. I started out as a programmer and later became an application manager and systems manager for various platforms, my last position was as a change and incident coordinator. I gained experience in the translation of technical documents throughout my career: functional designs, technical designs, issue lists, internal memos from English into Dutch and vice versa and manuals for technical equipment.

In 2006 I started the training for translators at the ITV Hogeschool voor Tolken en Vertalers in Utrecht. This is a vocational school that admits you only if you already have deep knowledge of a second language. The lessons concentrate on the daily practice of translating texts. All the teachers are professional translators and the students benefit from their experience. In 2009 I successfully concluded my studies with the national SNEVT (Dutch national exams committee for translators and interpreters) exams.

In my spare time I volunteer as dog instructor in Sneek, read a lot of books, ride a motorbike, watch films and play badminton.

I am currently working on my international network of customers for whom I provide translations.
For requests, questions and suggestions you can contact me via email or telephone.